Research and Marketing Analyst

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Santa Rosa, CA, United States


  • Research regional, national and international market conditions for French Champagne, focusing on consumer demographics, strategic analysis and marketing tactics from a multi-cultural perspective.
  • Apply research analytics to design and implement consumer and competitor surveys, analyze existing market data, and identify specific market trends.
  • Analyze consumer market data to determine analytics, media planning, marketing activation and data management.
  • Design, develop and implement multicultural marketing and market development plans to effectively differentiate French Champagne from sparkling wine competitors including market activation, brand marketing and retail and restaurant channel development.
  • Apply statistical analysis to prepare sales, inventory, pricing and profitability reports and projections.
  • Utilize competitor market data to analyze market share, pricing and other factors and develop competitive marketing plan and competitive pricing recap (CPR) for current comparison and future pricing.
  • Identify, build and grow new and established international relationships to create and expand portfolio of French Champagne producers.
  • Provide critical input for the development of strategic and financially sound marketing budget for French Champagne in U.S. markets.

Education and Experience Requirements: Bachelor’s degree international business, marketing, or related field + 2 years' experience in business or marketing analysis in Champagne industry.

Special Skills: 
Must have some work experience with each of the following:
1) two years of experience with end-to-end Champagne-making process in Champagne region of France;
2) developing and maintaining established relationships with French Champagne houses including managing worldwide export of 100,000 cases annually; and
3) performing marketing and statistical analysis to develop pricing models for Champagne in U.S. markets.

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