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TITLE:Equipment Operator


REPORTS TO:Vineyard Supervisor


LOCATION:North Coast Vineyard Operations


General Description of Duties:

An Equipment Operator must be able to perform all the duties of an Advance Tractor Driver. He must also operate all Over the Row (OTR) equipment.  In addition, he will be required to assist in all equipment operation of newly developed properties.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:


          Operate all Over the Row (OTR) equipment and all attachments manufactured for it. (e.g. mower harvester, preprunner, sprayer, compost spreader, under the vine cultivator, ect...)

          Backhoe Operator

          Dump Truck Operator

          Operate oversized trencher for the installation of larger pipe diameters. (e.g. 18” and above)

          Must be able to drive all Caterpillars (e.g. D4 and up)


Immediate Staff:

May oversee a small crew (2 + Employees) from time to time. 


Experience and Training:


Drivers License required. Class A License a plus.


This position requires a least 3-5 years of Vineyard Tractor Driver experience.  Must be able to work long hours as well as weekends.  Must be able to read, write, and speak English.  


Must (at all times) work in an extremely safe manner, since this type of equipment operation carries a serious risk to personal and physical property. 



Physical Demands and Work Environment:


In order to perform this job successfully an individual must have some basic tractor experience, (2 or more years of experience) and/or a willingness to learn quickly by on the job training.  Must have good oral communication skills.  Must be able to understand and interpret documents such as safety rules of operation and maintenance manuals.

The employee must be able to lift and/or move up to 100 pounds.  The employee wile be frequently exposed to wet and/or humid conditions, dust, and chemical residues as well as occasionally exposed to extreme heat.



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