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General Description of Duties:

This person will operate and maintain all forms of Irrigation Systems, including: drip, macro, and micro sprinklers.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: (works with all forms of irrigation including drip and sprinkler): 
  • Check for leaks and maintains and repairs sprinklers before frost.
  • Maintain irrigation systems (filters, sprinklers heads, drip systems, etc.…).
  • Assist with irrigation systems repairs (uncovering problem).
  • Assist with fertilizer injection and applications.
  • Must be able to operate an ATV.
  • Must follow all of the company’s safety rules and regulations at all times.
  • Directly perform the duty or repairing all systems.
  • Will be responsible for the correct utilization of all pumps/filters/injectors.
  • Is responsible for the maintenance of all irrigation equipment
  • Is responsible for providing a safe and clean working environment around his workstation which includes: pumps, reservoirs, filters, wells, etc.
  • Must be able to read and write in order to maintain proper records, as well as utilization of a calculator.
  • Will work with little to no supervision.
  • Operates pumps and perform all levels of maintenance.
  • Troubleshoot and identifies what the specific parts are needed for repair.
  • Responsible for all irrigation related duties.
  • Reading maps and identifying material needed for new system installation.
  • Pressure bomb reading.
  • Data collection, cluster count, petiole sampling, sugar sampling.
  • Responsible for keeping all records for all tasks performed by his department.
  • Computer inputting for all records.
  • General operation of trencher and low skilled tractor operations.
  • California driver’s license.
Immediate Staff:

Oversees small installation crew.

Experience and Training:

In order to perform this job successfully, an individual needs to be able to performs the following duties:
  • Operate an ATV (safely).
  • Operate pickup (safely).
  • Must be able to read and write  (English a plus).
  • Maintain safety, quality, and efficiency, at a job at a high level.
  • Will need two (2) or more years’ experience and/or learn the position quickly by meansof on the job training.
Physical Demands and Work Environment:                                           

In addition, the employee will be exposed to potential hazardous working conditions. (i.e. trenches, equipment, materials (large pipe), high water pressures, chemicals/fertilizers, and drip line cleaners (e.g. chlorine).

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