Fuels Crew Technician

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The Fuels Crew Technician operates in the Wildland Urban Interface and is responsible for operating chainsaws, string trimmers and hand tools to limb up trees, operating skid steer with masticator, grapple bucket and chipper to remove small trees, bushes, and other vegetation to provide a fire resilient landscape enterprise wide.




  • Competently operate large and small power machinery to include chainsaws, string trimmers, skid steer, masticators, grapple buckets and other tools.
  • Operates multiple tools to limb up trees, remove small trees, bushes, and other vegetation as directed.
  • Operates tractor with mower attachment.
  • Moves cut vegetation to a chipper and feeds vegetation into the chipper.
  • Participates in the JFW Fire Prevention Team.
  • Participate in JFW and OSHA safety training.
  • Maintains all of equipment and/or implements in a clean and operational manner.
  • Performs basic maintenance on equipment and reports equipment deficiencies to manager.
  • Reports all mechanical deficiencies to manager immediately.
  • Participation in pile burning.
  • Must follow all safety procedures and prioritize safety at all times.







  • Must be at least 18 years old.
  • Valid class C California driver’s license required.
  • Must be able to haul equipment and tow trailer with truck.
  • Fully knowledgeable of and proven experience safely operating chainsaws, string trimmers, hand tools, skid steer, tractor and chipper.
  • Must be able to read, interpret and follow all Company rules including Company’s safety rules and regulations at all times.
  • Able to read and understand rules of operation and maintenance manuals.


Other: The work schedule is 8-hour days. Each day starts and ends at the Knights Valley Shop with transportation provided to the work site.



Physical Requirements:


  • Strength, stamina and agility are necessary to hike steep, uneven terrain while carrying heavy equipment.
  • Must be able to frequently lift, carry, and or move up to 50 pounds repetitively; is exposed to wet and or humid conditions, dust as well as seasonal weather (summer heat, cold weather, rain). Position requires repetitive sitting, foot controls, kneeling,
  • May work on high sloped terrain
  • Position requires repetitive sitting, foot controls, kneeling, bending, stooping, walking.


Desired Skills:

  • NWCG/NWSA S-190, S-131, S-130, L-180, S-212
  • I-100, I-200
  • NEMS 700-800
  • Basic First Aid and CPR/AED

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